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About Us

With Headquarters in Sheffield in the United Kingdom, Business & Domestic Insurance Services conducts business throughout the UK and Europe.

Corporate Vision

We are niche brokers partnering with industry leaders to enhance revenue and achieve operational excellence. We work closely with our clients to create solid partnerships that build the value of their customer portfolios. Knowing your customer, understanding their partnership with you and their business processes, understanding their needs and applying relevant, value for money, direct response insurance products and services is key for Business & Domestic Insurance Services. 100% of Business & Domestic Insurance Services business is derived in this manner as we seek to attain our corporate vision:

“To bring a new sense of energy and value to the Creditor, Personal Property Insurance and Extended Warranty markets.”

Core Values

At Business & Domestic Insurance Services we live by five core values that provide a framework to the way we conduct our business, and which represents our culture, goals and pledge to be leaders in all we do. All employees are measured in each of the core values as part of their three-monthly performance reviews. These core values are:

Passion for our customers’ products and our business

All Business & Domestic Insurance Services employees are committed to the customer and products. Having fun is key to our business and customer success.

Invention of new ways of doing things better – re-inventing yourself - regularly

We promote attitudes to change and proactively seek new ways and methods to accomplish customer, business and personal goals.

Attention to detail

All Business & Domestic Insurance Services employees are led by an Account Director and team, are dedicated to specific customers, and strive to understand our customers needs and those of the business.

Speed of response to customer and market needs

Business does not stand still - we aim to work faster and more cost effectively than the competition. Their levels of customer service and business aims are ours to exceed!

Execution of great ideas – right first time

All Business & Domestic Insurance Services employees are focused on getting the job done right, first time. Getting great ideas to market, solving problems, and making great profits for all our partners is one of our aims.

Modern Slavery Statement

Our Modern Slavery Statement can be found here.

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